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Strengthen public debate with comprehensible statistics

September 16, 2010 Leave a comment

In Uganda, even at the peoples parliament of Ekimeeza, where intellectuals are supposed to be gathered, there is a substantial lack of numbers, statistics and measurable facts. People have not mastered advanced counting and have no logical perception of values and numbers. 2000 – 500 = a big problem for a lot of people. So how can they fully understand the bigger picture of the situation they are in? When they are presented with a series of numbers, for instance the amount of money coming in to the country through development aid or the amount of tax money spent on government housing, there are very few who can comprehend what is meant by 400 million dollars or 700.000 Euro. Read more…


Social Networking with African Journalists

September 18, 2009 Leave a comment

Dick Scherpenzeel Stichting

Wednesday September 16th
Location: De Balie, Amsterdam

In the smallest room in the Balie, the Dick Scherpenzeel stichting, in cooperation with a handful of donors, held a debate on the opportunities of new media to link local African reporters with western media. Can Twitter, Facebook, linkedin, Blogs and broadband connections change the face of international correspondence? This was the question that drew a healthy amount of people to the debate in the Balie in Amsterdam. Unfortunately the answers had no prominence in the debate. Only once Facebook was mentioned and the other new media opportunities were left untouched. Most of the time was spend discussing a wider debate on the ethics of journalism.

The necessary panel of speakers made theirjamba-camera appearance and told us what we already knew. New media makes international communication easier. The discussion soon revolved around the question: are African reporters good enough to cover a story for Dutch media? Is anybody with a camera-phone a journalist? And, are the stories of African reporters relevant for a Dutch audience? In a battle of old vs. new media, Africa interactive chairman Pieter van Twisk defended his network of semi-professional African reporters against the more traditionally oriented Bart Luirink, editor in chief of ZAM magazine. Read more…

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