About Me

Personal: Wouter Dijkstra (28) is a Social Scientist, interested in the use of new and old media to strengthen public debate and mechanisms of accountability in Africa. With degrees in both Anthropology and New Media and an extensive background in Africa he is based firmly in contemporary theory but even more in practical reality.

In 2009 he went to Uganda together with the ICT4Uganda research group, guided by Dr Geert Lovink. He finished research on the power of talk-radio and the emergence of mobile telephony in Uganda. Based on this research he coined the term ICT4Accountability. This is still an ongoing research.

At this moment he is working for TRAC to set up platforms for public debate in east-Africa, through the use of mobile telephony and FM radio. This organization is currently in a startup phase. Wouter has a special interest in infographics and data visualization and the way these graphics can be used for development and public debate.

He is a selected participant of the international “Thinkaboutit” blogging competition organized by the European Union. Another field of specialization is visual ethnography. Wouter enjoys successful entrepreneurial and organizational accomplishments in the cultural sector in Amsterdam and is co-founder of the cultural center Distelweg 113.

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