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IDS Research Evaluates TRAC FM

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The ICT4Accountability project successfully transformed from a theoretical blog into a practical method – Called TRAC FM – that is now deployed in 4 african countries at over 36 radio stations in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania and Somalia.

As the concept of TRAC FM is based on research conducted in 2009, we are happy that our work in the field remains relevant to academic debate. UK based IDS (Institute for Development Studies) is a leading global charity for international development research, teaching and communications. In 2012 IDS was asked by Hivos to conduct research into the effectiveness of T4TAIs. TRAC FM was picked as a case study and worked with IDS to share data and contacts.

Among other conclusions, the paper concludes that a user-centred approach should be the key to successful implementation. We support IDS in its conclusions and will see to it that our work remains informed by scientific principles and theory.

For the full paper, go to

Read a summary on the case studies in the paper here:

Some quotes from the research paper
– With regard to listeners and one-off participants, the 
number of people who participated in at least one TRAC FM poll far outstripped expectations. 
– TRAC FM developed starting assumptions about user numbers based on extensive research.

– Those who participate in TRAC FM polls see them as a useful platform for informing the wider society about  problems and applying pressure for change.
– In short, TRAC FM knows a great deal about its actual users and in practice their dilemma is how to make the best use of the valuable information on their database in an ethical way

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