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Radio stations closed following Riots (BBC)

Kampala hit by renewed violence,
4 radiostations closed down by government

Burning car in Kampala 11.9.09
Stone-throwing mobs were reported to be roaming the streets of Kampala

Police and rioters clashed for a second day in the Ugandan capital Kampala in a dispute involving a tribal king.

Three people are reported to have died in the latest clashes, bringing the death toll to at least 10.

Violence erupted when the government banned the king of Buganda from travelling to Kayunga, an area which says it has seceded from his kingdom.

A spokesman for the king said on Friday he had postponed Saturday’s planned visit, Reuters reported.

The comments by Medard Lubega, deputy information minister of the Bugandan kingdom, contradicted an earlier statement by the king’s premier that the visit would go ahead.

“He has postponed it. We don’t want to see an escalation of the violence,” said Mr Lubega, quoted by Reuters.

Visit banned

Police have said Saturday’s visit by Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II would not be allowed as it would be a “security risk”.

Buganda is one of Uganda’s four ancient kingdoms and its tribal members are Uganda’s largest ethnic group.

Witnesses said Kampala’s streets were mostly deserted on Friday, with plumes of black smoke from burning tyres rising over the city’s hills.

The country’s traditional kingdoms were banned in 1966 but reinstated by President Yoweri Museveni in 1993.

The Baganda have long called for the restoration of a federal administration that would give their king the formal political power he is currently denied.


The king’s premier, John Baptist Walusimbi, earlier told the BBC that the government should ensure the king’s security.

Ugandan police chief Maj Gen Kale Kayihura said the violence had been inflamed by “sectarian” radio broadcasts and four stations were taken off the air by the authorities. One station was the Baganda owned CBS, Uganda’s most popular station.

Correspondents say the king of Buganda is hugely influential although he is constitutionally barred from taking part in politics.

The king and President Museveni have been allies in the past, but their relationship has become strained in recent years.

The government denied preventing the king from visiting Kayunga, but said it wanted to put some conditions on the visit to prevent violence.

Kampala hit by renewed violence,
4 radiostations closed down by government

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